[RTTY] Makrothen Contest

Scott Nichols snichols at mvosprey.com
Tue Mar 2 19:12:23 EST 2004

Just downloaded the Makrothen module for Writelog...Works FB !! Well 
done guys...

I've been looking around the Internet for an hour, but can't find what I 
want...Anyone know of a site where I can print off a world map, with 
country outlines and preferably ham prefixes, along with the first 2 
letters of the Maidenhead square as an overlay? Would be a handy 
reference to have close by...I found one close, but no country outlines 
or prefixes...Must be one somewhere...

Was just thinking how useless 40 will be for this contest with ARRL SSB 
on this weekend...The SSB'ers will be down all the way to 7.020 
likely...Turn on the amps!!

73, Scott

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