llindblom at juno.com llindblom at juno.com
Tue Mar 9 19:24:33 EST 2004

Having seen virtually no mention of it on the RTTY reflector I almost spaced off the craziest, most insane, and totally schizophrenic four hours ever of RTTY contesting (AKA, the RTTY Sprint).  A quick check of the NCJ web site revealed the RTTY sprint is schedule for 3/14/04 from 0000 - 0400 UCT which here in the Midwest is this Saturday from 6 - 10 PM (CTD).

Is anyone out there in RTTY land interested in playing on an RTTY Sprint team?  If so I will organize a team for TCG.  Up to 10 people can play on a team in the sprint. Email me direct if Interested

Hopefully someone else is also putting together a team for this one as it takes two teams for team competition. 

73 Larry L


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