Waldemar DK3VN dk3vn at nexgo.de
Mon Mar 22 23:24:10 EST 2004


this weekend there was no propagation at my QTH. I wanted to participate
in the BARTG HF for 30 hours, but gave up after 23 hours total operating

On Saturday my - rate over all - was 23 Q/h and on Sunday 12 Q/h only.
I had 7 hours to go, but no fun anymore; so I have closed the station
and had a beer. ~:)  Total: 427 Q's and a claimed score of 393,120.

On Saturday and Sunday 20m and 15m was almost dead at my QTH. My business
band was the horror band 40m(!): 33% of all Q#s I have made on this band.

Just two thoughts ...

1. Why some contests do not have a LOW and a HIGH power category?

Just a little example: if you are running 100 watts or 200 watts,
that is a difference of 3dB, "only". Very often this difference means:
For the station, which you are calling, your signal is in the noise
or above the noise -- or your signal is a part of the QRM or is
beating the QRM on the other side; mostly both ...

2. What is the sense of a rule, like "change band once in any x-minute

   De facto it is a handicap for the "single operator multiple radios"
   stations ***AND*** for a typical S&P operator, like me.
   To prevent any misunderstanding: PLEASE, I don't want to start a
   "I don't know how often discussion about SO2R" again! My hat off
   to the OP's who are able to **HNADLE** a "SO-multiple radios" station
   in a good manner and are not a burden for the contest community.
   But, why we need a rule, which is a burden for S&P-OP's, like me?

OK, now I am feeling better. ~:)

See you - I hope - in the EA RTTY in about less than 12 days.

73 de Waldemar, DK3VN
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