[RTTY] Filters

Charles Morrison cfmorris at bellsouth.net
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Couldn't agree more Jay.  I spent about a month and a half this past winter
without my Kenwood because it broke down.  Sent it in and used an Icom 718,
not the greatest radio in the world, but got me back on.  One thing
SERIOUSLY missing in it was the narrow filters.  I found some relief in a
Timewave DSP 59+, but nothing near what I get with the filters.  I've never
experienced a radio with DSP filters in the IF, but Kenwood puzzles me with
their newest radio having AF DSP filters.

Man, give me something narrow in the IF anyday over audio filters.  You
never realize how much the AGC seems to have to work with until it all comes
blasting into the front end of the radio.  Narrow is good.


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The most important filter in any radio is that in the 455 IF as far as RTTY
goes.  Stacking is good. I have always liked 250Hz 455 and 500Hz, with a
500Hz in the 8Mhz IF. Works swell.

Some radios only allow so many choices.  850 Kenwoods word fine with 250 and
500Hz as I recall when I owned one and operated even more of them in Texas!

Ron swears by narrow IF filters.

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