[RTTY] TARA "Grid Dip" Contest...PLEASE READ

MRBILL1953@aol.com MRBILL1953 at aol.com
Mon Aug 1 12:51:13 EDT 2005

I see that the next running of the Grid Dip is coming up at the end of this  
week and I just hope we get some favorable band conditions for a change. You  
know I was looking at last year's scores and I think this might be the hardest 
 year yet for Tony, N3FX, to claim a possible 3rd crown. I think some of you  
are going to be hunting for him BIG TIME this year. I'll tell ya right now,  
they'll be in for one heck of a battle! Tony will not go down easily without a 
 hard battle!!
One of the guys in the Grid Dip (and he's in the complete Tour'ney) that I  
think could really give Tony some fits is YV5AAX. I believe he has a good 
chance  of stepping up a notch to two and possibly taking the title. Then we need  
to look at VE9DX.  If George were to get into the RTTY Melee in  December he 
too could be one tough customer to beat. What do you say  George....you think 
you could be intersted in the RTTY Melee? You can't count  out a big surge by 
KA7JPR who had a good score last year. Some of those HIGH  POWER guys could 
enter the picture like WX7P or K4HMB! Ah...the possibilities  are abundant and I 
believe this is going to be a great year for not only the  Grid Dip but the 
whole Tour'ney.
You know one of the things I hope for most is that we'll see a lot more of  
our RTTY friends in this contest. I know that we've been treated extremely well 
 each year by you folks in the RTTY Melee but I hope you'll find some time  
for this contest too. It's NOT just a PSK contest! In fact, wouldn't it be neat 
 if we could get a challenge going between the 2 modes. Who knows maybe the  
RTTY guys could teach the PSK'ers a thing or two!! And the same goes for  the 
PSK'ers. Why don't you try doing some RTTY style contesting. There's enough  
room for both groups and let's have some fun. 
You guys that like to go mobile I suggest you review the rules this year  for 
they've changed a bit. We had some input from from a couple of our contest  
family and as you'll see we're listening. Let's see if we can't get more  
interest in the ROVER CLASS and you can give Steve, W3HF, a run for his money.  You 
can review the "Grip Dip" rules at: 
Okay, that's enough rambling from me. I'm hoping that we'll have ALL of you  
in the "Grid Dip" on August 6, 2005! 
Oh, one more thing. Don't forget to keep a list of the GRID SQUARES you  
work. TARA has this awesome awards program and if you work enough grids you can  
apply for a very handsome certificate and it's completely FREE! You can check 
it  out for yourself at:
73 de NY2U "Mr.Bill"

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