[RTTY] First RTTY Contest

Wayne Matlock k7wm61 at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 13 12:11:55 EDT 2005

FYI: Gleaned from the pages of the the RTTY Journal, (which I might that
every issue is available on a 9 volume cd set from RJCDROMS.com):
 The FCC authorized HF RTTY on January 1, 1953, also the date of the first
issue on "RTTY". The oldest RTTY HF Contest is the "RTTY Sweepstakes" that
was announced in the September 1953 issue of "RTTY". The contest was held
October 31, November 1 1953, with 10 stations submitting logs and Frank
White, W3PYW, winning with 40 qso's and 11 states for a winning score of
440 points. 

The present CQWW DX RTTY Contest was started by Dale Sinner and "The RTTY
Journal", in partnership with Wayne Green and the "73 Magazine" in February
1986. (also covered in "The RTTY Journal"). After several years of
association with 73, the contest was moved to its present fall season in
partnership with CQ Magzine in 1988. All info is covered in the 1986/1988
issues of "The RTTY Journal". 

All the other contests which came into being prior to 2003 are covered in
depth in "The RTTY Journal"

Wayne, k7wm at arrl.net

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