[RTTY] 160 Meter RTTY

Phil Duff na4m at cox.net
Sun Aug 14 14:27:21 EDT 2005

At 17:20 8/14/2005, Thomas Giella wrote:
>I operate nightly on 160 meters around 1810 kc +/- during the winter time
>using RTTY, MFSK16 and PSK31/63. Unfortunately though it's a nightly battle
>with intentional QRM from a handfull of private playground/gated community
>mentality sociopathic CW ops who want nothing below 1843 kc but CW. This
>intentional interference has succeded in running most digital ops off of the
>band. 160 is no longer a gentlemans band.

Yep - running a digital mode below 1843 khz (the traditional 
CW/DX/weak signal portion of 160M) will not win favors with many 160m 
ops and those (myself included) who like the challenge of top band 
weak signal operation.  This typically means CW on the low bands.   I 
think calling them/us/me "sociopaths" doesn't do any good for 
encouraging more 160m digital operation.    I also operate a lot of 
RTTY, PSK31 on occasion, and I have tried MFSK.

Surely there are other portions of 160m where digital operation would 
be more tolerated.

73 Phil NA4M

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