[RTTY] Sartg Friday night

Don Inbody AD0K ad0k at inbody.net
Sat Aug 20 23:46:24 EDT 2005

Conditions got better as the night wore on, but I only worked 23 contacts.
I did manage to snag F6IRF, the only non-NA station I managed to find.
Thanks for the QSO from you, Bill.

73, Don AD0K

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At 07:17 PM 8/20/2005, Tom Osborne wrote:

>Finally gave it up as a lost cause.  I've never
>experienced anything like that before.


In contrast, I worked an EA station on 40 in broad daylight, something I've 
never experienced before either.  :-)

Southern California is a long way from Spain on 40 at night, never mind 
daytime. I'm sure there's a message here somewhere.

Bill, W6WRT

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