[RTTY] MMTTY & Icom IC735 Linkage

Phil & Sarah Email philhss at tpg.com.au
Mon Jun 6 05:17:26 EDT 2005

I'm new to this list, so apologies if this subject has been covered

I'm also new to the world of RTTY, please be gentle! ;-)

I've downloaded the latest version of MMTTY, and plan to use it with my Icom
IC735. If my 'toe dipping' into RTTY gets me hooked, I plan to buy a
suitable interface, but I thought that I'd try a simplistic method first, to
whet my appetite.

The software loads nicely without a problem. I can't get the laptop to
communicate with the rig, but I'm not too bothered about that aspect, as
such. I've made a connection cable to go between ACC1 on the 735, to the
appropriate sockets on the laptop.

With quite an amount of volume from the rig, certainly more than can be
tolerated on speaker, I can get reasonable decoding on the laptop. I had
thought that the audio was a 'constant' output which was independent of the
volume control - but maybe not? No amount of output from the laptop
activates the VOX on the rig, so I'm assuming that the ACC1 Socket does not
tie-in with the VOX. With the TX button depressed to force the rig into
transmit, the rig still gives no RF output. I've checked the RF gain, MIC
gain and cable connections. The rig works perfectly with the microphone.

My next port of call is utilising the microphone socket to give the required
connectivity - has anyone had some prior experience of this please? Is it a
simple case of wiring a suitable plug or is there anything I should be aware

Thanks for any assistance!


Phil Smeaton

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