Jerry Flanders jeflanders at comcast.net
Mon Jun 13 12:02:48 EDT 2005

At 15:46 6/13/2005, Shelby Summerville wrote:
... I'm not sure that "band changes per hour" were intended to
>restrict SO2R, and if they were, they should be rescinded! SO2R is an
>accepted operation, and should be allowed to be unrestricted?
>Look at
>for the, very clear, explanation of different categories.

I just read them, and they aren't very clear to me - I didn't see exactly 
what a "single transceiver" is.

OTOH, the band-changes per unit time rule seems to bypass all the 
weasle-words. At least for me.

I agree completely that there should not be rules to try to restrict SO2R. 
The precedents for allowing new innovations were set years ago when we 
didn't discriminate against Yagis/Rhombics/Towers, etc. (This is a "wire 
dipole in trees" guy writing these words).

Jerry W4UK

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