[RTTY] Master.CallFile

Jay Bromley jayw5jay at cox.net
Mon Jun 13 18:14:31 EDT 2005

Hi Peter,
Funny I know, N5UW, "Clif" very well.  He has many DXCCs, but not on RTTY. 
His Dxing is from the old school, no clusters, busted calls, etc.  Clif 
worked 75m DXCC with a modest antenna and 100 watts about a year ago.  He is 
a pretty good volunteer in the OKDXA and QRP ranks.

I have tried many times to get him interested in RTTY and digital modes. 
But so far the bug has bit him.

N5UW is mainly a CW kinda of guy.  After DXCC on 160m and 75m Clif is now 
burning up the airwaves on 6m.  After that I maybe I can convince him to do 
some RTTY DXing and contesting?

Don't why I commented on this, but thought it was funny to see his call 
mentioned.  Maybe I can use this to get him going on RTTY??  :-)
Sorry I missed the contest this weekend, but I am moving the shack.  Sure 
sounded like a good one to be in!

73 de jay/w5jay..

>> Contesters,
>> I have noticed at times that my call (W7DPW) gets busted (W7DP, W7DPA)
>> and its very difficult to get it corrected, especially under marginal
>> band conditions.  I attribute this to be a reflection, in the contests,
>> of the MASTER.CAL or MASTER.DTA file that is being used.
> I have the same issue - N5UW is probably closer to DXCC than I am for
> this reason.  I don't use MASTER or FRIEND.INI - if I don't get the
> call, I don't get the call.
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