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Kevin J. Rowett krowett at rowett.org
Mon Jun 13 13:35:55 EDT 2005

I have the same problem with N6RC and N6RCE.
CW is even a worse problem!

I finally just created a MACRO that says:

Only had to use it once in the ANARTS 'test.

The other part of this story is N6RC is a good friend,
and I usually operate M/S for the ARRL RTTY ROUNDUP from
his place.  Occassionally, we'll work the same contest
and follow each other down the band working stations -
that's a blast.  Dick has a much better station, so
if we both call - he usually is heard better.

Dave - keep at it - your call will get better known,
the more you contest.

73, de -KR- N6RCE
n6rce at arrl.net
CU in the 40th running of the Calif QSO Party - Oct 1-2

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I have noticed at times that my call (W7DPW) gets busted (W7DP, W7DPA)
and its very difficult to get it corrected, especially under marginal
band conditions.  I attribute this to be a reflection, in the contests,
of the MASTER.CAL or MASTER.DTA file that is being used.

Neither of the two calls mentioned are contesters, (W7DP is a club
station and W7DPA is non-existent).

I have noticed that when using WriteLog, and clicking on a call, if the
shorter call is in the MasterCallFile, it is the one transferred to the
call window.  If one is not paying too much attention to the captured
call, it goes uncorrected.

These calls probably got into the MasterCallFile during a merge of many
many files. There are probably numerous cases of this call busting
happening  other than my call..

I would hope that any calls  in a distributed MasterCall File require
that a call appear more than a minimum number (5-10) of times and from
different suppliers (5-10).

Thanks for support.

Dave W7DPW

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