[RTTY] Friedrichshafen 2005

Waldemar DK3VN dk3vn at nexgo.de
Tue Jun 28 17:16:26 EDT 2005

Phil Cooper wrote:
> Hi all,
> What a weekend!
> Waldemar and Walter arranged another very good RTTY dinner, and it was most
> enjoyable! Well done to you both!
> I cannot remember all the people that were present, but it was a great
> pleasure to meet Patrick F6IRF, Bernd DC3HB, Heijo DJ1OJ, and a few others
> for the first time.
> I had met some of you before, and it was a pleasure to meet you all again.
> It was also a great pleasure to present Claudia K2LEO (YL of IK1PMR) with
> BARTG QCA and European award certificates (20m) which were gained when she
> entered the BARTG Spring contest as 9H3LEO. I was also able to present
> Andrea IK1PMR with similar certificates for 40m.
> Well done to you both.
> The HamRadio event was also very good, and once again this year, I managed
> to find a few more RTTY'ers walking around, such as S50DX (ex S57MHA),
> PY2NY, T93Y, K4SV, NN1N on the ARRL stand, and more besides.
> There was a small meeting on Saturday morning, for those that couldn't
> manage to make the dinner, and it was great to meet Bo OZ8ABE, plus Casper
> HB9AWS and his son Daniel HB9TOC.
> Saturday evening was spent at the Bavarian Contest Club buffet, and this was
> also good fun, and we spent a great evening with Gerd DL7VOG and Harald
> DL7VSN. A few others joined our table for a chat, such as Walter DJ6QT, and
> I also met IT9BLB, who is QRT for a while until he rebuilds his station.
> The weather was a little warm for us that aren't used to it! Temperatures
> reached 35C (or maybe a little more!), which was bad enough, but the
> humidity was up around 95 - 100% and that made it very tiring, and also
> difficult to sleep.
> Of course, it also meant we had to drink a lot! And the German beer is very
> good when chilled to just the right temp!
> After the RTTY dinner, Waldemar and I shared a taxi back to our hotel, and
> there was a great storm, with torrential rain. When we had to get out of the
> taxi, there was a 5 metre walk to the door of the bar, and this was enough
> to soak us completely!
> My journey home was a cause for panic, as the plane left FHFN a little late,
> and we had to get from Stanstead airport down to Gatwick airport for the
> final plane home. This flight left at 1950, and we only got to Gatwick at
> 1930, so we only just made the flight by about 5 minutes, and we had to run
> all the way to the gate!
> Today was a day of rest for me, catching up on some sleep, but I did manage
> to work CY9SS on 20m RTTY (needed band-slot!) and the op was Doug N6TQS. I
> also worked Bill HB0/N2WB on 17m RTTY for another new band-slot!
> Now I will recover a little and then be ready to have some fun in the DL-DX
> contest this weekend! I hope to see you all there.
> 73 for now
> Phil GU0SUP
> ...

Hi Phil,

many thanks for your compliments! We really enjoyed to meet so many HAM's
in the RTTY Gathering, more of them this time than last year. Many thanks
to Tom GM4FDM, who has approached the PA-Group to attend the RTTY dinner.
It was a big surprise for me, to see this well known DX'er and Contester
(PA2R, PA3EWP, PA3FQA and PA3GCV) visiting our RTTY Gathering, although
an other well known DXer and Contester Meeting took place in a different
locality at the same time. I hope, Doug N6TQS will make it next year again,
like last year ...?

In the next few days I want to publish a collection of pictures on
the RWRL Web Site; stay tuned.

73 de Waldemar, DK3VN
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