[RTTY] Answering QSL's

Eric - VE3GSI ve3gsi at sympatico.ca
Thu Mar 9 08:34:21 EST 2006

Hi Tom,

When you say 'bring up the log' do you mean a contest log or your station
logbook? Most all modern station logging programmes make it easy to track
QSL cards (or LoTW QSL's) so like the rest of the gang I vote for checking
the logbook.

All my contest logs get imported into my station log just for the simple
reason it is a handy way to track the status of both paper QSL's and LoTW
QSL's from all contests. With the station log (DXBASE), when I get a QSL
request is relatively easy for me to check the card against the log, then
tag it for printing a card or even an address if needed and then send them
off as a batch run.

I have to thank Goetz - DJ3IW for the hint to return the NIL cards. I did
not realize I could return broken QSL's via the buro.

Thanks for the contest Q's,
73 Eric - VE3GSI.

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From: Tom Osborne

Hi All

Usually after a RTTY contest I get 3 or 4 QSL requests.  Usually with SASE.

Most of the time I just get aout a card, look at his, fill it out from his 
info and send it.  Wonder if that is what most of you do, or do you go ahead

and bring up the log and check to see if you worked the station or not.

Guess I'm just lazy.  73
Tom w7WHY

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