Andrei Nevis v49a at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 26 23:15:24 EST 2006

Hello group:
  I need Help.
  I am using WL and MMTTY for RTTY. It did work FB for awhile.
  Recently, I played with some programms and, suddenly when I came back to Writelog, I saw that it DOES NOT READ the Frequency, Mode - just shows NO Rig.
  RTTY transmitting is OK, CW is also OK. 
  I can put manually the Freq and FSK Mode but this is it.
  I am using ICOM-PRO-3 with CI-V Interface.
  I tried another program, like HB9DRV DELUXE - IT Does read the frequency, no problem.
  I did CI-V Test by DF4OR - it works FB, read the frequency and Mode.
  MMTTY also - Transmit RTTY but NO Frequency reading.
  I checked every ICOM Radio in Setup with All Baud Rates - nothing whatsoever.
  I reinstalled WL - did not help.
  I connect Kenwood instead - works Super right away.
  Please help!
  Thank you
  73's Andrei EW1AR-NP3D

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