[RTTY] WriteLog Frequency Grab Feature

J. Edward (Ed) Muns w0yk at msn.com
Thu Nov 2 14:21:34 EST 2006

Starting with WriteLog 10.61e, the %Z parameter has been added to message
buffers.  This allows automatic insertion of the frequency of another radio
in a station with multiple radios, e.g., SO2R or Multi-Op.  The syntax is
%Zn, where 'n' is the radio number as determined by assigning '1' to the
first Radio Entry Window, '2' to the one below it, etc.

For a station where there are radios on different networked computers, the
syntax expands to %Zln, where 'l' is the letter assigned to the networked
computer and 'n' is the radio number on that computer as described above.
The expanded %Zln parameter will likely be in the next release, 10.62 as it
is being Beta-tested now.  Meanwhile, the %Zn parameter is available for the
way most people run SO2R with two radios interfaced to one computer.

This new parameter allows the operator to set up a message buffer such as
"PSE QSY %Z2" which will send "PSE QSY 14081 kHz", the actual current
frequency of Radio 2.  This eliminates the need for the operator to stop
working stations to program a message buffer with the operating frequency of
another radio.

Thanks to Wayne, W5XD, for this great new feature.

Ed - W0YK

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