Kostas SV1DPI sv1dpi at otenet.gr
Wed Nov 8 09:55:37 EST 2006

Tnx all for suggestions
Now i have more to see
I have menu like ve2fk said
I will try what Chen w7ay said, but i believe that the optocoupler works 
because the led lights on like a diddle.
Jim k0xu unfortunately i use the right pin. By the way it is easy to 
confuse. I don't understand why Kenwood names both like ptt even they 
explain what it does
Stein la6fja i have this result (a single tone). I have the mmtty setup in 
fsk. So i am afraid that this damned ic13 is off. Ofcourse i look for more 
before i open the radio to see it. Have you more details how to find it or i 
understand that is of, etc.? I found the service manual if it helps and i am 
going to download it.
Tks agn
Kostas sv1dpi

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