[RTTY] [Dxbase] MMTTY -full version- is now interfaced with DXbase - tnxto Oba JA7UDE

Jim McDonald jim at n7us.net
Thu Nov 9 15:01:14 EST 2006

This is excellent news.  Would it be possible to use the MMTTY plug-in as
Writelog and other programs do?  With the plug-in, only the MMTTY tuning
indicator is visible (not the full-blown MMTTY program), and it's a small
window within Writelog's screen.  The call of the station being worked is
entered directly into Writelog.

Jim N7US 

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To all:

There was an email on the MMTTY reflector this morning from
JA7UDE (Oba). He said that Gavin GM0GAV had asked him to make
an interface between MMTTY (full blown version) and DXbase.

Oba has made a "Bridge tool" program (sometime ago) and NOW
has added DXbase to the program - so that we CAN run MMTTY and
LOG directly into DXbase.

You can access this file at the URL:

I have tried the "bridge tool" program and it works perfectly.

Be sure to read the TXT file that is in the MMD600.zip

You run the MMD600.exe program "first" -- then you open up
MMTTY and DXbase .. you will see that the MMD600.exe program
will acknowledge BOTH the MMTTY and DXbase programs by turning
the BOX next to their names to a GREEN color..

You just simply USE MMTTY as you normally would, but when you
click the QSO button for the 2nd time -- the QSO will be logged
in DXbase -- be sure and SAVE the QSO in DXbase before you start
another one..

Tnx to Gavin for asking Oba to do this for us!!

73 to all -- I am passing the above info along a FYI.. and, YES!
              the bridge tool program will work with any version of
              DXbase2004 and newer ...

Joe wa6axe

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