[RTTY] $$$$$$ Collector

Bob Roach ke4qok at bellsouth.net
Sat Nov 11 08:23:54 EST 2006

I missed the beginning of this thread but I think I have been able to get
the gist of the conversation from the last couple of messages and I have to
speak my piece. (My apologies in advance if you don't agree)


It is very difficult for me to understand how any of this is the fault of
any operator other than the complaining party.  We participate in QSL'ing
because we enjoy it.  We send our cards and we take our chances.(it's part
of the "hunt")  Sending a greenstamp is a fine old tradition and there is no
reason not to do it if that what makes you happy.  I have found sending
SASE's with foreign postage attached to be effective, but that's just me,
and it still does not work all of the time, but that is not what is
important. IF someone decides not to send me a card, so be, who am I to tell
them what to do.(do they have to be miserable just to make me happy?)


If you are sending out QSL's and the results are making you mad, isn't that
akin to stabbing yourself repeatedly in the hand with a pencil. Just stop
doing it or be happy with the successes that you have.


I am now returning to my burrow until this time next year.







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Owning a cluster im seeing more and more vulgar and pitiful/bad use

of the announcements feature,  and just poor ungentlemen like behavior

and i really hope it wasn't some from this list...






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