[RTTY] New RTTY set up - comments pse.

Jens Petersen jensep at c.dk
Wed Nov 15 08:00:40 EST 2006

Den Mon, 13 Nov 2006 19:35:58 -0800, skrev du:

>A few thoughts in no particular order:

>2. Use FSK when possible. Unlike AFSK, you can set it and forget it.
>With AFSK you have to be constantly aware of drive level in order to
>not overdrive the audio section of your TX. AFSK was invented as a
>work-around for transmitters which had no provision for FSK. It was
>never intended to be used when FSK was available.

If you use one soundcard for rtty only, and allways TX with the signal
in the middle of the filter, you can also set and forget AFSK.

>3. For contesting, never, never use a waterfall display. You want a
>very narrow IF filter, no more than about 350 Hz, and that makes a
>waterfall useless because you would only see one signal anyway.

Wrong again. 

In MMVARI I have the folloving macros defined:
'<<' (Wide filter and 1000Hz down)
'<'  (Wide filter and 400Hz down) 
'||' (Narrow filter and center signal)  
'>'  (Wide filter and 400Hz up)
'>>' (Wide filter and 1000Hz up)

When a signal is marked in the waterfall (wide filter, 2000Hz) I press
'||' and the frequency is adjusted so the signal is centered in the
filter, and the narrow filter (300Hz, or even 200Hz in crowded
conditions) is selected.

After the QSO I press '>' and the Frequency is advanced 400Hz and the
wide filter is selected.

Now I can pick the next signal and press '||' again.

In this way I can run a 48 hour contest without touching the radio and
the keyboard, just clicking the mouse on the macro buttons and the

MMVARI by JE3HHT - Makoto Mori  http://mmhamsoft.amateur-radio.ca/

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