[RTTY] IC756 Pro II and Dual watch/Split

Jerry Pixton jpixton at shentel.net
Sat Nov 18 08:39:41 EST 2006


My apologies to all who heard me calling 5A7A on his rtty frequency yesterday.

I discovered a very embarrassing problem with the IC-756 Pro II yesterday 
which for some reason has not bit me before.

The DUAL WATCH button is right next to the SPLIT  button. My radio sits at 
45 degrees from the monitor screen. In trying to hear the other side of the 
contracts I was turning Dual on and off trying to second guess where 5A7A 
was listening. Suddenly I look at the radio and I am transmitting but no 
longer in Split. My fat fingers (really getting arthritic) had hit the 
Split button instead of the Dual button.

So now I learn to look before pushing that button - may want to think about 
leaving it on but using the Balance control instead.

At any rate I did get a 40m rtty contact finally. Good luck to you all.

Jerry, W6IHG
Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs LLC
jpixton at shentel.net

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