[RTTY] 160m TARA RTTY Melee

Claude Du Berger duberger.miousse81 at globetrotter.net
Thu Nov 30 15:00:22 EST 2006

On monday every body will understand it was not a good idea
to add 160m to the TARA RTTY contest.
Have a nice weekend, 73 de Claude VE2FK (using both mode)

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  From: Carter, K8VT 
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  Subject: Re: [RTTY] 160m TARA RTTY Melee

  IronmanY2k wrote:
  >  The digital band plan for 160m is 1.800-1.810, so we should stay in
  >  that range.  I wouldn't even attemp to try any higher than 1.810Mc
  >  because this is that same time during the ARRL 160m CW contest and
  >  the band will be crowded.  But we can operate to our hearts content
  >  in our portion of the band.
  >  73, Jim AD6WL

  Good luck, Jim...but it sounds like you've never operated the 160 CW 
  contest if you expect 1800 to 1810 to be open... :-)

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