[RTTY] 160m TARA RTTY Melee

Claude Du Berger duberger.miousse81 at globetrotter.net
Thu Nov 30 21:52:40 EST 2006

2. Because it's the same time as the CW 160m contest and that
    part of the band will be full with big signal. Too bad.

73 de Claude VE2FK

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  On Thu, 30 Nov 2006 15:00:22 -0500, Claude Du Berger
   <duberger.miousse81 at globetrotter.net> wrote:

  >On monday every body will understand it was not a good idea
  >to add 160m to the TARA RTTY contest.
  >Have a nice weekend, 73 de Claude VE2FK (using both mode)

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  Do you mean:

  1. Because it's the TARA contest?
  2. Because it's the same time as the CW 160 contest.
  3. Or because it's RTTY on 160 meters?

  Please clarify.

  Bill, W6WRT
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