[RTTY] Flex decodes two rtty sigs simultaneoulsy

Tyler Stewart k3mm at verizon.net
Fri Nov 2 11:21:00 EST 2007

Going further, there really shouldnt be any reason that we shouldnt be able
to parallel decode large chunks of the RTTY band or the whole band at a time
with enough DSP processing power.  Look at what's available on PSK now, and
there is no reason that cant happen with RTTY as soon as you get into IF


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This is neat. Art gave me the clues how to do this.
I use DXLabs WinWarbler for digital.
Using a standalone version of MMTTY and using WinWarbler/MMTTY I can have 
two versions of MMTTY open.
Each copying a different rtty signal with no interference between them.
VFOA is on Left Channel, VFOB is on Right Channel with Mono/Stereo enabled.
Glad I have a very fast computer as it's running PWSDR at 40.6 cpu. LOL

So far, I can only transmit on the vfo controlled by WinWarbler
So for split, I would have to listen to the dx station on vfob and try to 
find the qsx frequency on vfoa for transmitting.

Learning something new with Flex every day.

This could really be interesting when I get that 2nd receiver when it comes 
I could be tuning multiple freq on two bands....simultaneoulsy
This could really feed the SO2R debate to the MAX.

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