[RTTY] WL QTC question

Ted Huf ted at w4ze.com
Mon Nov 12 17:40:15 EST 2007

I did not notice the last line not changing color (colour to you Phil) when
receiving.  I did find that when resending, the line did not terminate and
just send diddles.  Hitting the QSL? Button solved that problem.

Thanks for answering the logging of the dupes. I had the same question.

Ted W4ZE

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Charles (KK5OQ) and the group,

Leave them as DUPES. That is how WL handles it, and it is not a problem as
the QSO itself is not counted as a point. DO NOT move them, as the time will
not correspond either. Leave it as a marked dupe and all will be OK.
The rules clearly state (see 7d) ".............. The two stations may
establish contact several times to complete the quota."

And did anyone else notice that the latest version of WL (10.63H) didn't
seem to turn the last line pink very easily?
In previous versions, it changed colour as soon as the line was complete,
but this version seems to either leave it normal, or on occasions, it did
turn pink, but only after I had started to manually enter the data.

And one more oddity......... when sending a repeat of one line, I had to use
ESCape to end the transmission. I don't recall that happening before.
And if I wanted to send it more than once, it only sent the data twice, even
if I clicked on the line in question three times quickly. if I waited till
it had sent it once, and then I clicked twice, it was sent three times as

73 all


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