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Tue Nov 13 21:55:25 EST 2007

WAERTTY Score Summary Sheet

      Start Date : 2007-11-10

   CallSign Used : NP3D/W1
     Operator(s) : EW1AR
    Station: K1TTT
            Band : ALL
           Power : HIGH
            Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : 001
      Gridsquare : FN32

            Name : Andrei Stchislenok
   (Contest) Address : 15 Baumann Rd
  City/State/Zip : Peru  MA  01235
         Country : USA

    ARRL Section : WMA
       Club/Team : Yankee Clipper Contest Club
         Software: N1MM Logger V7.10.12

        Band   Q/QTC  QSOs    Pts  Cty
         3.5    QSO   164     164  148
         3.5   RQTC    19      19    0
         3.5   SQTC    80      80    0
           7    QSO   344     344  222
           7   RQTC    40      40    0
           7   SQTC   150     150    0
          14    QSO   517     517  170
          14   RQTC   130     130    0
          14   SQTC   440     440    0
          21    QSO   231     231  114
          21   RQTC   100     100    0
          21   SQTC   130     130    0
          28    QSO     1      1    2
       Total    All  2346    2346  656

           Score : 1,538,976
             Rig :

        Antennas :

         Soapbox :

Made my first QSO in 170 minutes after beginning the Contest.
So, I lost almost three very first hours - most productive time in the
Contest, I think.
To leave from New York on Friday afternoon... Forget it... traffic is bumper
to bumper. Too many cars in Big Apple, plus raining, did not make happy
driving. For the first two hours I drove 20 miles, can you imagine this?
Interesting, as soon as I left NY State and entered Connecticut - rain
stopped and traffic, of course, dissipated.

Anyway, it was fun, thanks again for great hospitality to Dave Robbins,
His super station is a Super Station. SO2R was waiting for me. I am not
really familliar with N1MM, but this is only my own fault. Missed a lot of
QTC's; again this is my fault. And I like smoking, this habbit also cost me

Never forget the pile up on 40 meters on Sunday afternoon, sun was up, local
time was about 4:15PM, and European stations were booming, plus quiet band
at this time. David has two 4 elements Yagi on 40 meters, one at 70' and
another one on on 150' high.
Well, please check David's web page for better view:
http://www.k1ttt.net Seeing
is beleiving.

Worked new country for me on RTTY - D2NX from Angola on three bands, except
80 meters. When I worked them first time on 15 meters, I thought that was a
joke. Never heard Angola on RTTY, last time worked this country CW in the
last Century. Dave checked his database and stuff - looks like a real deal.
Guys from Japan are QRV from Angola - this is very nice, thank to JM1CAX!
Please upload D2NX logs into LoTW, though, that would help a lot to all of
us. Speaking about LoTW - I am only missing Wyoming to complete WAS from
Massachussets on RTTY via LoTW only.
40 meters overall was the best band for me, and 20 meters were good, 15 and
80 meters were OK. One QSO on 10 meters, on low power - thanks to Dennis,
W1UE. I "pulled" him out from 20 meters. Did not work any JA's on 40 meters,
worked UA0AGI on 40 meters. VK3FM and ZM2B were also loud on 40 meters.
Missed VK6HD, sorry Mike. ZS2EZ showed high class of operation, thank you
Barry for QSO's on three bands and QTC's.
Noticed high activity of German stations, this is good.
Thanks to DARC and sponsors for this nice Contest. I hope to be active again
as NP3D/W1 in ARRL Round Up.
See you all in OK RTTY Contest, in just five weeks.
73's Andrei
WAS RTTY #455 (all via LoTW)
DXCC RTTY via LoTW only
Who has what? - World Wide Rating
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