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Andrei Stchislenok asnp3d at gmail.com
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I dont know about Lithuania, speaking about Ukraine; large cities - Yes, but
small towns in Ukraine, very rare and dial up only. Far away from full
Those countries like Moldova, Soviets Middle East and some others - the
Internet did not come there yet, in the major cities is available and
expensive, charge per minute.

Andrei EW1AR-NP3D

2007/11/18, Scott Schultz <scottaschultz at juno.com>:
> On the other hand, places Ukraine and Lithuania have fully embraced the
> Internet.
> I do a lot of genealogy work and the Internet has made this so simple
> compared to the way it used to be under Soviet rule.
> Scott N0IU
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> I spoke with some DX's from ex USSR countries. They say that they would be
> happy to send their Logs to LoTW, they just dont have an Internet as of
> yet.

73's Andrei
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