[RTTY] Contest Ethics

John GW4SKA ska at bartg.demon.co.uk
Sun Nov 25 13:49:14 EST 2007


I changed my mind on this question a few years ago. For many years I would 
take part in the tests and only use my log for checking. Recently, partly 
due to the lack of competitive G stations in the tests, I started to include 
my scores in the results (in italics) just to get another G or Euro station 
up there! My 'position' in the results does not affect anyone else; even if 
I 'won' a class the next station would be classified as the winner and get 
the trophy.



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> Hi John,
> I don't see why you should't. We see John GW4SKA in BARTG with nice scores 
> too...
> Hope I can make it.
> 73,
> Fabi   va2up
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>> Subject: [RTTY] Contest Ethics> > Since I am now the Contest Manager for 
>> TARA's Skirmish contest, I have> a question that's been nagging at me as 
>> I can answer this myself but> from a couple different viewpoints.> > Is 
>> it proper for a contest manager to participate in his own contest?> If I 
>> do participate, should I only participate as a check-log entry?> > What's 
>> the consensus of the group?> > -- > JT Croteau, N1ESE - Manchester, NH 
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