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Phil Florig W9IXX at arrl.net
Tue Nov 27 15:06:28 EST 2007


Along with John and others, here are some of the notes I have.

1. Connect only the PK-232 and computer first.  Don't worry about
the rig until you can get the PK-232 to initialize.

2. The cable should be a STRAIGHT type (no crossover wires like the null
modem cable) with a DB-25M (for the PK-232) on one end and a DE-9F (sometimes
wrongly called a DB-9) for the computer end.

3. Pinout is as follows:   (use ONLY pins 1-8 and 20 on the DB-25)
DB25M       DE9F       Function
8           1          DCD
3           2          RxD
2           3          TxD
20          4          DTR
7           5          Ground
6           6          DSR
4           7          RTS
5           8          CTS
1           -  (shield if used)

4. At initial power up 4 LEDs on left should light shortly then only the 
right LED called Baudot.
If this does not happen and just the four LEDS light is probably an IC or
IC connection. (Will have to dig for further notes on this) Try going thru the
ICs and make sure in all the way.  May want to remove and reinstall but be

6. If the above is ok, then go to Hyperterm.  Start program and connect
(check the necessary parameters) using some name.
Parameters to start: 1200baud, 7bit, Even, 1 stop
Do a "*" (Shift 8)(no quotes signs used)
and should show the start info of "AEA PK-232 _ _ _ _" then a command
prompt will show.

7. Much more from here but need to get here first...

8. The newer AEA manual has a lot of this and lots more for setting up.

Hope this helps some.

73  Phil    W9IXX

At 12:19 11/27/2007, you wrote:
>As I recall, the PK232 uses a special serial cable, not the standard DB25 or
>DB9 cable. The standard cable does NOT work. I'm afraid that I don't have
>the pinouts for the cable, but I bet that's the problem.
>John W9ILY
> >>>>
>Hi Everyone...my problems with getting a pk232 unit to talk
>to my computer(s) continues. I wrote last week about a unit
>I bought which when powered on only showed the 4 left most LEDs
>on solid and no communication at all. Well I have now picked up
>yet another newer vintage unit and it is doing exactly the same
>thing!! I have tried both hyperterminal in XP and PCPakratt software
>to no avail. I have reset the unit by pulling the jumper from the
>hole on the underside. The cable I am using to connect to the comport
>of 2 different PCs was one I always used with a KPC-1 modem for packet
>(it's a 25 to 25 pin type with a 25 to 9 pin adapter added to it).
>Which pins in the serial cable are necessary to connect to go from a DB25
>pin connector to a DB9 pin connector?? Can someone supply me a list??
>I have tried setting the comport and the unit to every baudrate from
>300 up to 9600 to no avail. I am absolutely frustrated.
>Does this unit have a history of the MC1488 and MC1489 ICs blowing at all??
>As I understand it, on power up those 4 LEDs should flash and then only
>1 LED on the right side should stay on. Am I correct in this assumption??
>Any further suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
>Ted Boerkamp VE3SS

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