[RTTY] TARA RTTY Melee - Dec1 @ 00:00UTC

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Wed Nov 28 20:56:46 EST 2007

Howdy Folks:
Okay, it's time to ready yourselves and your station for the upcoming TARA  
RTTY Melee to be held on December 1, 2008 at 00:00 UTC. Now, I'm totally aware  
that this no doubt isn't your most favorite contest, according to the  recent 
poll that was taken.  But, it's been running since the early  1990's and 
we're here to stay! Otherwise I'd be out of a job. With that in mind  why don't 
you try this contest out and see if we can heat the bands up a few  degrees and 
have ourselves a good old time while we're at it. As in year's past  this does 
make an excellent chance for all of you to test your station out for  the 
ever popular ARRL Roundup in January. So, now you see this contest really  does 
serve a purpose! Then if you submit your score you get the great  satisfaction 
of knowing you're putting Ernie, WM2U and myself to work. 
All kidding aside TARA is really proud to been running this contest for our  
16th year without miss any in between. It hasn't been easy but we've been 
quite  fortunate that a good number of you have guided us along all these years 
with  your support/input. And, without that it would have died long ago. (Okay, 
enough  of those remarks, I hear that! :-) ).
Please, join us this weekend for this contest. As I always say, we need as  
many of you as possible to join in and make it a success. If I can assist  any 
of you in any way, shape or form just drop me an email at _ny2u at n2ty.org_ 
(mailto:ny2u at n2ty.org)     Even if you  don't plan on participating in the full 
contest you're more than welcome to join  in on the fun. 
Oh yes...as requested by a number of you folks we have added 160  Meters to 
this contest! Give it a try if you can. 
TARA RTTY Mêlée -- sponsored by the Troy Amateur Radio Assn, from  
0000Z-2400Z Dec 1. Categories: SOAB-HP (>150 W), SOAB-LP (<150 W), MOAB,  SWL, 10 min 
band change rule for MO. Frequencies: 160- 10 meters, operate 16  hours max. 
Exchange: RS + State/Province or serial number for DX. QSO points: 1  pt/QSO. 
Score: QSO points -- S/P/C counted once only (US and VE only count as  S/P). For 
more information: _www.n2ty.org/seasons/tara_melee_rules.html_ 
(http://www.n2ty.org/seasons/tara_melee_rules.html) .  Summary sheets (no logs) due Dec 31 
via online submission form at _www.n2ty.org/seasons/tara_melee_score.html_ 
(http://www.n2ty.org/seasons/tara_melee_score.html) .  

73 - Bill  NY2U
And do not forget the TARA sponsored  contests...

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