[RTTY] Use of Oscilloscope In RTTY

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Thu Nov 29 14:53:08 EST 2007

I have used scopes in the past and find that the
digital scope in MMTTY is as good as any scope I have
used.  The trouble with external devices is that the
mark and space on them may not be exactly the same as
the mark and space within MMTTY AFSK or the FSK mark
and space with in your rig.  So even though you have
them tuned in perfectly on the scope, you may not be
right on their frequency.  This happened a lot with
the old PK-232's and ST-6 (with tuning meter).

So I would suggest you just stay with the soundcard
rtty programs and their tuning indicators.

But if you are dead set to use something external, I
would suggest going on e-bay or qth.com and find a HAL
RTTY tuning indicator.  They are easy to hookup and
give a very accurate display.

Here is an ad from qth.com

 MISC - Hal RTTY Tune RTTY-1 Sale 
SALE: HAL RTTY TUNE RTTY-1 tuning unit. Beneficial in
other digital modes as well as RTTY. Check it out on
the HAL website. 40.00 shipped.
Thanks NX4S 
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