[RTTY] New contester antenna advice

Jacob Tennant k8jwt at comcast.net
Sat Dec 12 08:57:05 PST 2009

Hello from Jacob Tennant - K8JWT in Morgantown,WV.

I am getting back into contesting after a few year absence from ham radio 
all together and was wondering which antenna would be best for my situation 
for RTTY contesting.

In short, I live in a valley with 500'+ hills to the East and West of me aka 
I look straight up to see the tops of them. To the North and South I have 
slow rises to the horizon.

My space is somewhat restricted as I rent a 100' by 30' trailer lot with 
mast restrictions of 25'.

I already have a 80meter dipole at 20' on one end and 40' on the other as my 
neighbor has a tree that he lets me use.

I also have a old Hy-Gain 18AVT/WB-S vertical that gives me 10 - 80.

So my question is which would get me the most bang for the buck? Meaning 
should I drop the dipole and reuse the wire from it to make more radials for 
the vertical of keep the dipole and just try to raise it as much as 

The basis of my questions is that my landlord has asked my nicely to get rid 
of one of the 2 big antennas as he calls it hanging in my yard, or else.

Thank you for your time,

Jacob Tennant - K8JWT 

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