[RTTY] QSL survey

Stephen M. Shearer wb3lgc at verizon.net
Mon Dec 14 08:20:12 PST 2009

100% for awards - LOTW = yes.  Wish more DX would use.  MANY of my latest
QSL's are from QSO's more then 4-8 years old.  Please upload your contest
logs (I am sure you used a computer)...  NO card checking required for DXCC.
For LOTW - once uploaded the computer can crash and the QSO's are safe.  On
the other hand, paper logs are safe, too.   

1% eQSL = only when someone wants me to upload a QSO.

10% Buro = yes, not as much as I should - maybe because return rate on QSL's
is so low.  It costs less then direct to DX.  

1% Direct = very few.  Unless I get the SASE (I do for Delaware QSL).  Even
for rare DX it is a lot of work/cost and return rate is unsure.  

73, Steve WB3LGC and NR3I

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