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Hi all,

Hi all,
Is there any solution to loging OK RTTY with Wintest?

Thanks in advance and see you tomorow ;)

Nikola YT2WW

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Hi RTTY contesters, don't forget about the OK DX RTTY Contest  on
19th December,

hope to print you on my screen and merry xmas to you all.


Daniel / OL6X ( OK1DIG )


since the link for the contest is a bit confusing please find the rules
this posting.


Rules of the OK DX RTTY Contest

1.	Date: 00:00 UTC to 24:00 UTC Staurday, 19th  December 


2.	Mode: RTTY - Baudot 


3.	Bands: 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters, according to the IARU band


4.	Class: 

*	A1) Single operator all bands high power (> 100 W)
*	A2) Single operator all bands low power (< 100 W)
*	B) Single operator single band
*	C) Multi operators all bands only
*	D) SWL

A1 and A2 entrants may only change band once in 5 minute period. 


5.	Call: CQ OK TEST 


6.	Message: RST + CQ Zone 


7.	Points: 

*	On 10, 15 and 20 meters bands: 

*	1 point for contact within own continent
*	2 points for outside own continent (DX QSO)

*	On 40 and 80 meters bands: 

*	3 points for contact within own continent
*	6 points for outside own continent (DX QSO)


8.	Multipliers: DXCC Countries and OK stations on each band 


9.	Final score: Total points all bands x (total DXCC countries in
bands + OK stations in all bands) 


10.	Trophies: 

*	Awards and plate to winner in classes A1 and A2.
*	Award to winners in class B, C and D.
*	Winner any DXCC countries (works min. 30 QSO).


11.	Logs: Logs must be submitted in Cabrillo format by e-mail to:
"okrtty at crk.cz". Include a summary sheet showing the scoring and
essential information for checking purposes. SWL log will be accepted as
plain ASCII text files showing date, band, callsign/message sent by
station and callsign of station worked, in chronological order, together
with a summary file showing scoring and full name and address of
Mailing deadline for all entries is 15th January next year.


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