[RTTY] ARRL RTTY Roundup Records

Jay ws7i at ewarg.org
Fri Dec 25 06:53:16 PST 2009

Just in time for Christmas there is a new DX record file out with some 
corrections.  Seems that SV (Sacramento Valley) and SV had a little 
conflict in the code that makes these records.  There were problems in 
1992, 1993, 1994, and 2009 that needed fixing. The files were 
re-generated to create new records and it looks like SV1SV gets not one, 
but both, Multi-Single records for Greece.

The updated records will be on the ARRL site. This is the DX version of 
the file.  The updates will no doubt take a while to get on the web page 
as this is holiday time for the staff there.

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