[RTTY] Need to change GU0SUP setup

Roberto ea2ry at ea2ry.com
Mon Dec 28 12:08:14 PST 2009

Micro Ham MicroKEYERII has integrated sound card.
(SSB,CW,RTTY (FSK or AFSK), PSK31 and others digi modes, CAT,etc)

73's de Roberto

El 28/12/2009, a las 20:56, Phil Cooper escribió:

Hi all,

I need to get a new PC for the shack. The current PC has a problem, in that
it keeps freezing. I suspect a hardware issue, rather than a software issue,
as there is nothing in the Event Viewer that points to a software problem.
Also, it kind of depends on where the PC box is sat. If I move it a little,
it just freezes. I have already had to replace the soundcard, as my old SB
PCI128 seems to have failed, but the replacement SB Live 5.1 just won't
behave with PSK31, and other AFSK modes.

So, I am looking to get a new PC - probably a self-build job, and will opt
to run WinXP + Service Pack 2.

As most new PC's don't have COM ports, I need to find a way to cover the 4
COM ports I currently have installed.
They are used for:
Com 1 is RF packet (via a TNC - backup to my internet connection)
Com 2 is FSK Keying (via a Buxcomm Rascal)
Com 3 is PTT
Com 4 is CW for Writelog.

So, what do others use? I've ruled out the Tigertronics Signalink, as it
doesn't do FSK, so maybe it is time to get a MicroHam interface?
I've looked at their website, and got a little confused! Which one would
suit my needs?
And will it cover Com 2  to 4 above all via one USB port?

I may also need a new soundcard, so which are better, and more freely
available? The plan would be to use one soundcard for RTTY/PSK31 etc, and
the on-board card for Windows sounds.
Again, what do others use? Is there a built-in soundcard in any of the
MicroHam interfaces? If so, that would be an advantage over the newer USB
Buxcomm Rascal.

I could possibly do without the RF packet connection (currently on Com 1) as
this is only used on occasions when a bit of RF gets into the wireless
dongle used to connect to my Wi Fi.

The main software in use here is MMTTY, both alone for non-contest work, and
Writelog for contests. I also use Digipan and other digi-mode softwares for
those odd occasions when I chase DX on PSK if there is no RTTY.
My shack logging system is the DX Lab Suite, for which I use most components
apart from WinWarbler, as I prefer the basics of MMTTY.
My rig is an Icom IC756Pro, but I keep looking at the IC7600 or even the
IC7800 for the future.
What should I look for in an interface? Will the MicroHam do all this?

Any thoughts/ideas would be most welcome by emailing me direct to pcooper
(at) guernsey.net

I will try to be active in the ARRL RTTY Roundup, but if I just stop
mid-exchange, it is because the PC has frozen! But, I'll get back as soon as
I can get the PC re-booted!

73 all and a very Happy New Year 2010 to everyone!


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