[RTTY] Need to change GU0SUP setup

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Mon Dec 28 21:34:49 PST 2009

Hi Phil

Here I am using an older Dell Dimension 2400 with XP.  I purchased a 4-port 
serial card on eBay and have been using that.  I have it set up as:

Com 1 Radio 1 control TS-450SAT
Com 4 FSK on radio 1 RASCAL
Com 5 FSK on radio 2 RASCAL
Com 7 Radio 2 control TS-450SAT

That gives me 1 more serial port (com 6) left to use.  I use N1MM Logger and 
MMTTY for RTTY contesting.

I use the DX Doubler for switching SSB and CW/PTT with the LPT port.

It all works good for me.

I also have a laptop with Vista and I have 3 USB to serial cables for that 
computer.  Haven't tried using it on RTTY yet, but it does work for radio 
control or CW/PTT.  73 and GL

> Hi all,
> I need to get a new PC for the shack. The current PC has a problem, in 
> that
> it keeps freezing. I suspect a hardware issue, rather than a software 
> issue,
> as there is nothing in the Event Viewer that points to a software problem.
> Also, it kind of depends on where the PC box is sat. If I move it a 
> little,
> it just freezes. I have already had to replace the soundcard, as my old SB
> PCI128 seems to have failed, but the replacement SB Live 5.1 just won't
> behave with PSK31, and other AFSK modes.

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