[RTTY] Re GU0SUP change

Dino Papas kl0s at cox.net
Tue Dec 29 05:23:31 PST 2009

Phil - I'll put my vote in for going with microHam.  I started out  
with their USB II interface (strictly an audio I/O) and then moved up  
to the DigiKeyer (with built-in sound card) as I wanted to retain the  
ability to hardwire key FSK.  The idea of a built-in sound card  
appealed to me to preclude inadvertently sending computer audio other  
than your tones.  They have a new USB III interface with a sound card  
but it doesn't do FSK directly as I understand (Joe?).  Yep, they  
aren't cheap but boy do they work good (as they say you get what you  
pay for; I'm sure the Signal Link guys will chime in here  ;-).

73 -- Dino KL0S

On 29Dec2009, at 8:15 AM, Phil Cooper wrote:

> Hi all,
> I obviously forgot some of the facts!
> I currently have a PCI card with 2 extra Com ports, and yes, I  
> could indeed
> get a card with Com ports on a PCI Express card.
> My thought was to go "future proof", hence the idea of a MicroHam  
> device.
> I have the loan of a PC for now, which will keep me going, once I  
> get it all
> set up. It looks as though this will not be until after the  
> contests this
> coming weekend, so please bare with me if I should suddenly  
> disappear from
> your screen!
> In GU, we don't really have the luxury of being able to buy 2nd  
> hand PC's.
> There are a couple of outlets selling such equipment, but most is  
> old and
> tired, and may even be stuff recovered from skips!
> Buying new stuff is better, but again, most is overpriced, so we  
> mostly
> resort to buying online.
> I am a bit more inclined to go the MicroHam route, simply because  
> that will
> give me a bit more flexibility, and is capable of handling even a  
> very new
> PC. And cost is not a particular issue, although I wouldn't want to  
> spend
> more than necessary.
> Thanks to you all for your kind ideas and thoughts. It is very much
> appreciated.
> 73 de Phil GU0SUP

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