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I second Jim's proposal. That would even the playing field which is tilted
at the present time.

My .02 also.
Thanks Jim.


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Here's what I don't like....

That single ops can run 2 radios and compete against those of us that choose
not to run 2 radios.

I think that 2 radio contesting should put you into the multi transmitter

My .02$

Jim W7RY

On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 5:15 PM, <K5NZ at aol.com> wrote:

> As the landscape of a contest changes I think tweaks are a good thing for
> everyone..
> Sent to ARRL Contest Branch:
> First, thanks for supporting this fine contest!
> Next I would like to submit for your consideration the addition of another
> category.  In the past several years the participation in the contest has
> increased every year. I would like to suggest the addition of a M2 or  MM
> category.  Some of the "mega" stations are now finding the fun in  RTTY
> putting together teams for this event.  Why not give them a  better venue
> to
> compete while leaving the MS class for stations more suited for  this
> class.
> I think this would keep the MS, for those with more limited  resources,
> very competitive and not disadvantage them having to compete with the  big
> MM
> stations.  It would also give the MM stations more to do with the
>  operators
> they have assembled.  As I have said many times, I think RTTY  will be the
> "new" CW as far as rate because so many casual operators are  enjoying the
> mode.  And after last weekend with rates in the 180's, I think  it is
> almost
> there!
> I hope you will consider this addition, I will step up and offer to
>  the plaque for this category the first year if you decide to add it.
> Thanks,
> Mike Hance K5NZ
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