[RTTY] MMTTY Contest program

pcooper pcooper at guernsey.net
Fri Jan 22 05:05:16 PST 2010

Hi all,

Yes, MMTTY does indeed operate as a basic contest logger, BUT, it IS VERY basic.

I would suggest you create a NEW log file to start with, as this will aid you post-contest when you want to export your log into ADIF format. You can also export your log as Cabrillo, but I seem to recall that the BARTG Contest Manager said that the format is incorrect! Please check the BARTG website for full details on how the Cabrillo file should appear.
To create a new log, go to FILE, then OPEN LOG DATA FILE, and when the box opens, just type in a new name for your contest log.

To set up the logging, go to OPTIONS, Set up logging, and on the INPUT tab, choose Contest ON. If you choose BARTG, you will get 599+number+time, which is NOT this contest.

Choose 599+001 as the exchange (but note that the 599 is NOT required!), and also make sure COPY FREQ is checked.

Under the MISC tab, make sure the date is set to DD.MM.YY.

At the end of the contest, export in whatever formats you need.

And then - and THIS IS IMPORTANT - go back to MMTTY, open OPTIONS, SET UP LOGGING, and set the contest mode to OFF, and the exchange back to 599.
Now open your usual log, type in a dummy call, log it (it will still show 599+001 !!!) and then delete that contact.

You are now ready for normal operation in MMTTY.

So, it is possible, but this is not the best way to work a contest. If you find you enjoy it, I would suggest you get a dedicated contest logging program, of which there are many, and the choice is yours.

I hope that helps...........

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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