[RTTY] USOS Question

Kok Chen chen at mac.com
Wed Jan 27 09:19:20 PST 2010

Phil N8PS wrote:

> USOS TX off  USOS RX off     USOS TX off USOS RX on

Phil, I don't think you will find many people who turn USOS on for  
receive but turn it off for transmit and vice versa.  As an example,  
cocoaModem does not even allow you to do that (USOS is a "universal  
preference" that is applied to both receive and transmit directions in  
cocoaModem), perhaps there are software that will?

For obvious reasons, transmitting and receiving Mark/Space polarities  
in RTTY need to be independently selectable, but in the case of USOS,  
I am not sure there is any advantage of using USOS in one direction  
and not using USOS in the other direction.  The 16 cases that you  
listed show that it a complete mess if people were allowed to  
independently use USOS for the two directions.

By the way, the 8th case that you listed is a dupe; you probably meant:

USOS TX off  USOS RX *ON*     USOS TX on  USOS RX on

Chen, W7AY

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