[RTTY] 100 baud RTTY

Robert Chudek - K0RC k0rc at citlink.net
Wed Jan 27 13:32:31 PST 2010

Chen, yes I agree about the discussions and the theory behind the error 
rates you posted earlier.

What I have issue with is Bill's statement that "the consensus was" 
regarding operating higher speeds than 45 baud. I agree theoretically the 
error rate should be higher, especially when you don't have the extra 4 dB 
of signal margin over the noise. But showing the on-the-air experiences by 
posting the participants comments, this phenomenon did not appear to be a 
major issue.

Overall during a contest, few contacts are made at the noise floor. And when 
you can exchange twice as many contacts in the same period of time, having 
to send a couple of repeats has less impact on the bottom line.

If errors were a substantial issue during those HSS contests, it would have 
been mentioned in the comments I collected. What I did read was the 
excitement and "fun" of the fellows trying something different, and in the 
course of it all, working through station, software, and operator skill 

IMO, ham radio is going to die a slow lingering death without 
experimentation, innovation, and a different "attitude". As I get older, I 
see more and more young people simply blowing off the older generations 
technologies. That's really nothing new. But what will we learn "new" by 
continuing to operate strictly at 45 baud on RTTY for the next decade or 
two? If MMTTY was meant to operate at only 45.45 baud, there wouldn't be a 
menu with other speeds available!

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

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> To be fair, there were earlier discussions on this reflector about 100
> baud error rates.  Just blame it on old brain cells, but the web never
> forgets :-)
> http://lists.contesting.com/_rtty/2006-02/msg00405.html
>> [quote from the P.S. in the above posting] there was also a lot of
>> discussion on the reflector whether 60 wpm or 100 wpm was more/less
>> error prone, filter widths, and on and on... [unquote].
> 73
> Chen, W7AY
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