[RTTY] [WriteLog] Error Message when Writelog 10.77H is startedup

Don Hill AA5AU aa5au at bellsouth.net
Sat Jul 10 19:58:10 PDT 2010

Apparently something has changed in 10.77 where the following [Rttyrite] entries are no longer needed:


On clean full installs of 10.77, writelog.ini files on both my PC's show this:


It's obviously different than what was used to be required.  Try removing the CustomTnc command lines in writelog.ini or you might
try renaming your existing writelog.ini file to something like writelog_old.ini and let WriteLog create a new one.  When you select
MMTTY as the TU Type, you will get an error that says it can't find MMTTY but you will be able to navigate to the location of MMTTY.
Make sure you have a FULL installation of MMTTY and not just mmtty.exe in the location.

73, Don AA5AU

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Look at the writelog.in file under
C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows and see if this is



Are you sure it is under c:\ham\mmtty and not c:\users\yourname.......  ?

On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 2:36 PM, Jim McDonald <jim at n7us.net> wrote:

> When I try to select MMTTY as the TU type I get an error dialog box:
> MmTtyTnc:
> Can't start MMTTY!
> The requested operation requires elevation.
> I click OK, and it brings up the box to select the MMTTY folder.  When 
> I specify C:\Ham\MMTTY I get the same error message and have to close 
> the Rttyrite window.
> Jim N7US
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> I've had some discussion with AA6YQ who is currently maintaining MMTTY 
> concerning userpara.ini.  Dave confirms my understanding that 
> userpara.ini is opened from the MMTTY program directory.
> Remember MMTTY is not UAC aware - having been written long before 
> either Vista or Windows 7.  However, by default MMTTY is installed in 
> c:\Program Files(x86) which is a "protected directory" in both Vista 
> and Windows 7.  User applications are not permitted to write to 
> "protected directories" and this may cause a problem with both 
> userpara.ini and mmtty,ini.
> The suggestions are:
>   1) do a fresh installation of MMTTY in a directory other than
>      c:\Program Files(x86) ... try c:\MMTTY or c:\Ham Programs\MMTTY
>   2) Mark MMTTY.exe "Run this program as and an administrator"
>       a) Navigate to C:\Program Files(x86)\MMTTY\MMTTY.exe
>       b) right click on MMTTY.exe
>       c) Select "Properties"
>       d) select the "compatibility" tab
>       e) check "Run this program as an administrator" in the
>          Privilege Level box
> I have never seen the "userpara.ini" error but all of my ham programs 
> are installed in a separate directory tree on a separate hard drive:
> (d:\Ham Programs\<application>).
> 73,
>    ... Joe, W4TV
> On 7/9/2010 7:34 PM, Don Hill AA5AU wrote:
> > Nothing I have done has been able to get rid of the USERPARA.INI 
> > error on startup of the MMTTY when selected as TU in WriteLog.  I 
> > mentioned in my previous post that the error does not occur directly 
> > after a reboot.  But I've also found that directly after a reboot, 
> > the first time I run WriteLog, my soundcard is either "deaf" or 
> > "dead" - no audio apparently getting through it to show up in the 
> > MMTTY display.  Closing Rttyrite and reopening Rttyrite (or 
> > WriteLog) causes the soundboard to start working again.  This 
> > happens on both the internal sound card to the PC and the Codec 
> > soundcard in the IC-7600.
> >
> > I've decided not to spend any more time on it right now unless I can 
> > think of something different to do.  But complete full installations 
> > of WriteLog, MMTTY and the MMTTY plug-in didn't solve the problem.
> >
> > 73, Don AA5AU
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