danrolla iw1qla at tin.it
Sat Oct 9 01:11:56 PDT 2010

Hi John,

I got my 3XM6JR qsl some time ago after sending my QSL direct to UA6JR in
April 2009. The QSL shows "QSL via UA6JR, P O Box 17, Moscow 109457,
Russia". I do think that your green stamps have been stolen in some Russian
Post Office. It is a standard practice. I do suggest to to seal your
envelope with scotch tape or to send a registered mail.

Vy 73 de
Dan, I1-12387

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Did anyone ever get a card for RTTY with 3XM6JR? I have the QSL manager as
UA6JR and have seen the last of 6 dollars so far with no reply.


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