[RTTY] Bad mistake - Sorry

Tom Osborne w7why at frontier.com
Tue Oct 12 15:22:41 PDT 2010

Boy, think I may have done that once.  Or twice, or maybe even three times 
:-) Not to worry.  73 and go get 'em.  73

Last evening I made a bad operating mistake and caused QRM on the frequency
of PJ4D, 40 meters, RTTY. I was shocked to find out I was not split and was
calling on his frequency. My thanks to the ham in California that called me
and told me I was not split. I try to be a good operator and play by the
I have chased DX since 1979 and I have 336 of the 338 countries confirmed.
Last evening I thought I had a power problem. I moved down off the DX
frequency, changed to CW and simplex. After finding the problem I went back
to the PJ4D frequency, changed to LSB, and thought I set the split.
I did not do that. It was a stupid cockpit error and I apologize to all I
interfered with. Sometimes my old brain just does not compute very well.
Lesson learned to be more careful take a closer look at the rig and not take
anything for granted.

73  Dick  KS0M

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