[RTTY] PJ2MI ON 18.110+

Charlesjr at afgimail.com Charlesjr at afgimail.com
Sat Oct 16 09:16:19 PDT 2010

Jose has been coming up around 13z 18105.5 (fsk window) working a few psk skeds then simplex rtty.
He went to 15m around 1840z yesterday simplex.

PJ4D was up 3578 around 0215z last night. Worked a few of us ( I hope ) and said he would be back 
tonight with the amp.

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 I worked him this morning on 18.1085 FSK, which is where all the spots seem
to have been.

Jim N7US

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  MAYBE I'm misremembering...but isn't the USA 17 meter top band edge 
for RTTY/DIGITAL 18.109999?
Now if you were doing afsk in lsb mode, I think you might be legal.

And according to my freq. chart, for USA we can't do RTTY in any USA 
phone portion irregardless of license class.

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