[RTTY] Self spotting question

Phil Cooper pcooper at guernsey.net
Tue Jul 12 11:48:58 PDT 2011

Gary and the group,

This has caused me concern in the past, but when you consider that most
spots are not off by that much, folk will usually find you, as has already
been said.
There are several folk on the list that don't spot the correct frequency,
from which I assume they use AFSK, but after a while, you get to know who
spots AFSK frequencies, and then look a little lower down the band!

But, apart from that, there is another slightly more annoying issue which
has a similar outcome.
As a sort of DX entity, and generally the only GU in RTTY contests, I have
noticed that several - let's say "Eastern European" spotters will spot me,
off frequency, but when you check the spotted frequency, that is where THEY
are operating!
Or, these same calls see me spotted off frequency, and they suddenly turn up
on that same QRG.

Sometimes it is the spotter's call on frequency, but sometimes it is a
similar call, perhaps their contest call.
So far, I have noticed about 6 or 7 calls that do this regularly to me
during a contest when I am CQ'ing.
Sometimes it is persistent enough to make me go S&P instead, or to change

A spin off from this is there are many occasions when these stations work
me, and then sit so close to me that I can't hear much, forcing me to QSY.

Gary, I am not sure whether this would happen to you, as you are likely to
be weaker than me (to them), and it may be less of a problem.
It isn't likely to happen to a W, or a G for that matter, but it could well
happen to anyone operating from a decent multiplier country.

So, don't worry about being spotted on the wrong frequency, as those using
AFSK will come and find you easily. Those of us using FSK will still find
you, no matter what!

73, and see you all in SARTG!


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