[RTTY] Self spotting outside of a contest?

Clint Talmadge W5CPT w5cpt at bellsouth.net
Wed Jul 13 14:36:02 PDT 2011

I for one, and I am sure that there are others, appreciate a "self-spot"
from a DX operating under minimal conditions.   If I see your spot I will be
one of those to hunt for you in the noise to work you.  Someone far back in
this thread asked :Isn't calling CQ a self-spot?".  I feel that the
self-spot is just and extension of calling CQ.   If any station is operating
under "different" conditions, such as RTTY on 6M or 160M where such a signal
is a rarity I again would appreciate the self-spot. 

If there is a station that considers a self-spot to be unethical they have
the right to not work that station who is doing so.  I for one will be there
looking for you if you do.

Clint Talmadge - W5CPT

I would also like to know what others think of this. For the last few months
I have been spotting myself when I run RTTY. I limit the spots to one per
band when I get on to call CQ, and I stay on the band at least
15 minutes if no calls, and for as long as I can copy if there are callers.

My reasoning is that ZP is kind of rare on RTTY and my signal is really puny
. . . 90 watts to a fishing rod vertical. I assume my signal is so weak as
to be invisible or not easily noticed if I don't call attention to it. On
the other hand if I self-spot, some guys will hunt me in the noise because
they need ZP.

So far I haven't been dumped on for doing this (at least, I don't THINK so),
and I have checked the cluster for criticism. What do the list members think
of this? If the consensus is that it is bad form, I'll quit doing it :-)

Steve ZP9EH

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