[RTTY] Self-spotting OUTSIDE a contest

Phil Cooper pcooper at guernsey.net
Thu Jul 14 14:19:22 PDT 2011

Hi all,

Until now, I have always avoided self-spotting (outside a contest), simply
because I have never thought about doing so.

But, given that GU is often on someone's "wanted" list, maybe I ought to
send a spot when I am on 10m, or 12m, and maybe even 30m RTTY.
I can't see a reason to do it on 20m, or possibly 40m, but for the higher
and WARC bands, it may be reasonable to do so.

On one occasion last year, I did put out an ANN/FULL to say that I was
trying 10m RTTY when the band was seemingly dead, yet beacons were audible.
That netted a few contacts for me, and each thanked me for a "new one" on
the band.

So, maybe you will see the odd spot from the shack of GU0SUP from now on!
But, it won't be that often, and only once per band!

73 all


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