Jeff Blaine jeff at ac0c.com
Sun Jul 17 17:39:10 PDT 2011

                    North American QSO Party, RTTY - July

Call: AC0C
Operator(s): AC0C
Station: AC0C

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Kansas
Operating Time (hrs): 9:45

Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:   42    22
   40:  239    46
   20:  237    37
   15:    0     0
   10:    0     0
Total:  518   105  Total Score = 54,908

Club: Kansas City DX Club



Eq:  SO2V FTdx-5000MP and an array of attic mounted mono-banders.  Unassisted.

Got a late start as our final coordination meeting leading to next weekend's
W0DXCC convention overlapped the contest start (us RTTY guys just can't get no

Ran on one main VFO and S&P on the 2nd VFO looking for mults and guys I had not
worked.  Without the telnet feed, catching the mults was tough.  Fortunately, 10
and 15 were dead here making the band selection quite a bit easier.  hi hi.

Pleased with results on 20 & 40.  Especially on 40m - with antenna improvements
paying off on that band.  

Even with the receiving loop on 80m, it was tough to keep a decent rate going
even with the SO2V combo.  Band noise was tough and the transmit antenna on 80m
is marginal.

SO2V is a huge step up from SO1R.  And guys not running this are really missing
out if their rig is capable of it.  My score is weak from a mult standpoint, but
the Q count is pretty good and that would not have been possible without the
SO2V op mode.  While SO2V is not SO2R, it's also easy to implement as it
requires only the additional AF to PC feed for sub-VFO equipped rigs.

This contest run was mostly a good chance to check out the FT5K in SO2V mode so
I could contrast it to the FT2K.  The FT2K is really smooth in SO2V and by
comparison, has far better ergonomics for SO2V for a couple of reasons. The 2K
has a dedicated RIT knob (on the 5K, the VFO-B and RIT share the same knob). 
SO2V on the 5K is workable on RTTY, but I dont' think in CW it would be
efficient for this reason.

The most troublesome quirk in RTTY SO2V is the unnecessary limits on the filter
bandwidths requiring manipulation of the A/B, NAR/WIDE and WIDTH buttons in
order to fine tune VFO-B width.  A big step backward from the 2K for this
reason specifically.

Fortunately plans here for the fall include moving from the current SO2V to a
SO2R config.  The FT2K will be taking anchor position on the key 20/40m bands. 
Lot of work to be done by September!


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